Palin Backstab? Commissioner Praised Then Fired

"In the very early days of her administration this is one of her top priorities mentioned: domestic violence awareness and prevention and to work with legislators and making sure there is legislation out there," said Meg Stapleton.

Monegan declined to comment after he finished testifying Wednesday, but he previously told ABC News that the real reason for his abrupt dismissal was that he refused to fire the Governor's ex-brother in law from the state police after a messy divorce from Palin's sister.

Palin calls Monegan's claims outrageous, but Monegan told ABC News he would provide the committee with proof to back up his claim.

"She'd had two conversations with Walt and had sent him some emails," said Sen. Hollis French, who is running the state Senate committee's investigation of Palin. "The idea that there had been no contact and no pressure – that doesn't stand up. Her credibility is at stake here, her credibility was damaged in a blanket of denial." The committee wants to issue a final report in the next few weeks.

The McCain campaign has launched an attack on its credibility, saying four of its members are Democrats supporting Barack Obama.

They failed to mention that the other 10 members of the committee are Republicans.

Additional reporting by Rhonda Schwartz, Joseph Rhee, and Len Tepper. This post has been updated.

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