Syrian Electronic Army Threatens Response to U.S. Strike, Experts Skeptical

Later, when asked about the Iran connection, SEA the Shadow denied any association there either and said, "I told you, we are a group of undergraduates not backed by anyone, even the Syrian government."

The SEA's website is currently not functioning, but a cached version says that the SEA began in 2011 as Syria began its slide into a bloody civil war that so far has claimed more than 100,000 lives. A small group of college-aged hackers came together in order to combat what they saw were pro-opposition lies and fabrications in the Western media. In a previous printed interview, SEA The Shadow said there was no civil war in Syria, just groups of terrorists killing civilians and blaming it on the Syrian army.

"Since the Syrian crisis has begun [the SEA] gathered [so] that we defend our homeland electronically by publish[ing] the reality of what is happening in Syria on our way," the hacker told ABC News.

SEA The Shadow claims the SEA's membership now numbers in the thousands.

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