Target: Bin Laden -- The Death and Life of Public Enemy Number One


'Kill Bin Laden'

Eight weeks after the interview was broadcast, on August 6, 1998, al Qaeda terrorists carried out coordinated attacks on two United States embassies in Africa, killing 224 people, only twelve of them American.

Now, the presidential finding to "capture or kill" bin Laden became an order to simply "kill" bin Laden.

Two weeks after the embassy bombings, President Clinton authorized the August 20, 1998 missile strikes against bin Laden's suspected camps in Afghanistan and another location in Sudan.

Bin Laden was uninjured in the strike against his camp in Afghanistan and the missiles in the Sudan hit a pharmaceutical plant whose owner denied any connection to bin Laden.

The CIA continued to seek bin Laden under a joint operation with the FBI, operating out of office building in suburban Washington, code named Alex Station. The group came up with plans to launch a raid on bin Laden's suspected location in Afghanistan, known as Tarnak Farms.

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"I would have said, Mr. bin Laden, my name is Jack Cloonan, I'm from the FBI in New York and you are under arrest," recalled former FBI agent Jack Cloonan who was part of the FBI's bin Laden squad and had trained to be part of the raid team. "Then he would have been handcuffed."

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