Faisal Shahzad: Times Square Bomb Suspect Charged

Accused Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad has been charged in federal court with numerous crimes in the terrorism plot including attempting to commit an act of terror, attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction, and traveling over an international border to commit an act of terrorism.

According to the criminal complaint, Shahzad also admitted to receiving bomb-making training in Waziristan, Pakistan.

The announcement comes as at least five others have been detained in Pakistan in connection with the Times Square bomb plot, and raids continue in different Pakistani cities.

Two men arrested are reportedly related to Shahzad: friend Tauseed Ahmed and Shahzad's father-in-law.

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Video of Eric Holder holding presser about Times Square bombing attempt.

Attorney General Eric Holder said additional evidence in the case was gleaned after searching Shahzad's car and home. At a press conferenc Tuesday afternoon, Holder said officials are coordinating with members of President Obama's national security team as the investigation continues.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly praised the brave efforts of police officers and investigators involved in the case, but warned that "in the eyes of terrorists, New York is America, and they keep coming back to kill us."

Shahzad, who federal officials say has admitted his involvement in the New York City terror plot after being arrested late Monday at the JFK airport and is cooperating, worked as a junior financial analyst in the Stamford, CT office of the Affinion Group, an international marketing firm, ABC News has learned.

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Shahzad and the NYC Car Bomb

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He worked at the firm from mid-2006 to 2009.

"Federal authorities have not yet called Affinion and asked about him," said Affinion spokesman James Hart. Affinion is owned by Appolo Management, a major private equity firm.

The firm had no subsequent contact with Shahzad after he left, Hart added, and he would not comment on whether the now accused bomber resigned or was terminated.

Video of President Obama addressing bombing attempt in Times Square.

"I have no information about him going to Pakistan after he left the firm-it's been a year since we've had any awareness of him," Hart said, who added that he would not comment on his character or education level.

A junior financial analyst generally has a bachelor's degree.

Flight to Dubai

Shahzad, who had been the subject of a huge manhunt, almost made it out of the country on a Emirates flight to Dubai, with a planned connection onward to Pakistan, according to officials.

"He appeared real close to getting away," one federal official said. "The plane was buttoned up. Backed away from the jetway."

Authorities said that despite the manhunt, his passport had not been flagged and he was able to buy a ticket with cash and clear airport security.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, while refusing to criticize any agency Tuesday morning, said Shahzad was "clearly on the plane and shouldn't have been."

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