Tom DeLay Blames 'Rogue' District Attorney and Democrats, Maintains Friendship with Jack Abramoff


"I don't believe it. I was good at raising it. And I used it to advance the conservative cause," he said. "Money can corrupt corruptible people, [but] most people are not corrupt."

When Ross asked the former congressman if he believed Abramoff had a corrupting influence on Washington, DeLay responded, "Absolutely not." While DeLay entertained a handful of questions about the conviction of Jack Abramoff, he became increasingly agitated when asked about the case that led to the lobbyist's conviction. At several points, DeLay threatened to walk out of the interview if discussion of Abramoff continued.

There were lighter moments, though, as when Ross asked DeLay about his unexpected appearance on the reality television show Dancing With the Stars.

"I love to dance," DeLay smiled. "I had a great time doing it."

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