How U.S. Interrogators Could Make Anas Al-Libi Talk

"You try to convince the detainee you already know everything and there's no sense in withholding anything," Camerino said. "You can imagine, they've been chasing this guy for 15 years… [so] they've compiled quite a bit of information on him."

For this reason, Camerino said the al-Libi case may be relatively simple for interrogators.

"I imagine it will actually probably be one of their easier cases. They have so much evidence against him and so much knowledge," he said. "But then again, this is someone who has been fighting for al Qaeda for more than 15 years at a minimum…"

What Happens to al-Libi After the Interrogation?

The first interrogation, the one conducted by the HIG, is known as the intelligence interrogation – designed only to collect information to be used in the battle against al Qaeda and, as Soufan put it, to "save lives."

After that one is finished likely a separate FBI team will be brought in to conduct a criminal interview, according to Soufan, who has conducted both intelligence interrogations and criminal interviews. Before that interview, al-Libi will be read his rights and any information gleaned in that round can be used against him in court when he eventually faces trial on terrorism-related charges in New York City.

It's unclear how long the entire process will take. In a similar case in 2009, a member of the Somalia-based al Qaeda-allied terror group al-Shabab was held secretly aboard a Navy ship for two months before suddenly appearing in New York to face charges. Soufan said that the case of al-Libi could be much quicker, however, since his abduction and subsequent detention were made public so early.

ORIGINAL DOCUMENT: Army Manual on Human Intelligence Collector Operations

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