Personal Finance Calculators

P L A N N I N G — Retirement Calculators

• How will retirement affect my expenses?

• Am I saving enough? What can I change?

• How will this account be used?

• What will I earn with this account?

• How advantageous is increasing my savings?

• Which savings or income sources will be the largest?

• How much can I invest before taxes each year?

• What if I underestimate my expenses?

• What will my income be after I retire?

• What will my expenses be after I retire?

• What happens if tax laws change?

• How much effect can inflation have?

• Which savings should be used first?

• How much will Social Security provide?

• What if Social Security no longer exists?

P L A N N I N G — Roth IRA Calculators

• Which will provide the most retirement income?

• How will changes in my tax rate affect the decision?

• How do return rates affect my retirement income?

• What option is the best for estate planning?

• When should I begin saving?

• How will a large withdrawal affect the decision?

• Should I convert my IRA into a Roth IRA?

• What IRA am I eligible for?

H O M E S — Equity Loan Calculators

• How large a line of credit can I obtain?

• Should I consolidate debts?

• Which is better to buy a vehicle: auto or home equity loan?

• How much will my loan payments be?

• What will my tax savings be?

• What will it take to pay off my line of credit?

H O M E S — Mortgage Calculators

• How much can I borrow?

• How much will my payments be?

• How much will adjustable rate payments be?

• Which is better: fixed or adjustable?

• Should I pay points to the lower rate?

• Which is better: 15 or 30 year term?

• How much should I put down?

• How much can I save in taxes?

• What will my closing costs be?

• Am I better off renting?

• Am I better off refinancing?

• What will my refinancing costs be?

• How can I reduce mortgage insurance costs?

• Which lender has the better loan?

• How advantageous are extra payments?

• What house can I afford?

A U T O S — Calculators

• Which is better: new or used?

• How much should depreciation cost me?

• Should I lease or purchase?

• Should I finance or pay cash?

• How much will my vehicle payments be?

• Which vehicle loan is better?

• What term of loan should I choose?

• Should I use a home equity loan instead of an auto loan?

• Which is better: a rebate or special dealer financing?

• How long should I keep a vehicle?

• What vehicle can I afford?

I N S U R A N C E — Calculators

• How much life insurance do I need?

• What is my return on a whole life policy?

• What is my return on a universal policy?

• What is my return on a variable life policy?

• Which is better: term or whole life?

• Which is better: term or universal life policy?

• Which is better: term or variable life policy?

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