Working Wounded: Where's the Trust?

"'Narrowing' beliefs -- beliefs that keep you stuck in the same old routine and prevent you from taking risks -- usually generate anxiety ('She's not going to want to talk to me,' 'I'm never going tot be able to learn to paint -- not unless 'painting by the numbers' is allowed') or embarrassment ('I'll look like an idiot if I try to do that' or 'I'll miss all of the symbolism in the book and everyone else in the book club will have really deep things to say'). And anxiety then deters us from trying new things. Sheila is a woman we met in one of our seminars. She used the skills of resilience to challenge the beliefs that got in her way of reaching out. … 'Despite my many failed attempts at creating lively, vibrant flavors, I still believed that deep down inside there was a spicy cook waiting to be released.'"

Blog Ballot Results

Here are the results from a recent Working Wounded Blog/ online ballot:

How would you describe today?

   The best of times, 16.2 percent

   The worst of times, 22.1 percent

   Same stuff, different day, 61.8 percent

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