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I know that work is tough, even demoralizing, some times. But I do think it's interesting that in just one paragraph this guy attacked me, management, and the losers he has to work with. Wow, isn't this great energy that you'd like to spend 40 hours a week with? Again, it's too easy to blame just him. The important question is to look in the mirror to ask: "What baggage do I bring to work each day?" And, "How hard is it to put up with me on a daily basis?"

There is one key reference that explains his entire diatribe, "Not just when I come in late once every two years and get dinged for it." The guy clearly got busted for something he did wrong. Rather than acknowledging his mistake, he goes on a rampage to expose every "wrong" and "loser" in today's workplace.

And that's why this is the perfect e-mail to sum up everything that is wrong with work. Rather than taking a slice of humble pie about a mistake, he goes on the attack. So throw stones until your heart's content -- just remember by doing so, you blow the opportunity to begin the journey toward a better workplace.

Quote of the Week

"Never promise more than you can deliver." -- Pubilius Syrus, first century B.C.

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Here are the results from a recent Working Wounded Blog/ online ballot:

How much do you believe what you hear at work?

   Always, 2.9 percent

   Never, 17.4 percent

   Sometimes, 79.6 percent

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