Working Wounded Blog: CEOs Are Not Celebrities

      You must convince her of the quality of your product or service.
      He needs to know that you will deliver on time.
      She wants to know that you will give adequate management supervision to their account.
      How flexible are you on payment terms?
      Does your company have the financial strength to be a partner of theirs?
      Do you have the support of a well trained and motivated work force?

These all come into play, along with half-a-dozen other factors. When you have satisfied the other person that you can meet all those requirements, then, and only then, does price become a deciding factor."

Working Wounded Mailbag:.

"About a year ago, I had the most bizarre job interview of my life. After a very nice tour of the company, I was deposited in a room with the four folks who were to conduct the interview. The first person pulled out a list of questions and asked me a dozen or so questions. I answered them all without any trouble while the four of them listened intently. Then the second interviewer pulled out her list and asked the EXACT SAME QUESTIONS, word for word. At first I thought it was a joke, but she kept asking. What was I to do? I answered them all again. Then the third person, and the fourth, asked the identical questions yet again. 'Give me an example of a time you experienced conflict in the workplace and tell me how you resolved it,' is not a question that I enjoy answering four times over in front of the same four people! Maybe they were trying to judge my consistency, but it was a very uncomfortable interview and a strange way to treat a prospective employee. They did offer me the job, but I turned it down. That's not the kind of workplace that I was looking for!"

Blog Ballot Results

Here are the results from a recent Working Wounded Blog/ online ballot:
What does GM stand for these days?

       Great Management, 9.2 percent
       Gross Management, 90.7 percent

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