You Know You're in a Recession When…

To see how far reaching the recession is, look no further than the Chicago Public Library.

Before the recession, the library system loaned out roughly 7 million books, CDs and movies a year. But today, the annual lending rate has skyrocketed to 9.8 million.

"Honestly, what we've seen is that people have been reevaluating their spending. There's kind of this rediscovery of the library and realizing that that same best-seller you want to go buy at the bookstore … you can get at the library," said Ruth Lednicer, spokeswoman for the library system. "If you can get it on DVD from Netflix, you can get it from the library."

It's just one of the many ways Americans are adjusting to their new economic reality.

How Is the Economy Treating You? Share Your Story With ABC News

Since the recession started in December 2007, consumers have cut back on vacations, stopped buying cars and run from the real estate market.

And who can blame them? They've seen their retirement savings dwindle, their home values drop and the national debt soar.

To give a further sense of just how much America has changed since the start of the recession, ABC News has taken a look at some key economic indicators and some not-so-likely ones. Here's a snapshot of the economy before and after the recession:

Two Years Ago Last Year Today
Monthly Home Foreclosures 148,425 233,001 274,399
Unemployment Rate 4.6 percent 4.9 percent 7.6 percent
Number of Unemployed 7 million 7.6 million 11.6 million
Dow Jones Industrial Average 12,114.10 12,258.90 6,726.02
Value of Americans' 401(k) Savings $2.7 trillion $3 trillion $2.4 trillion
People on Food Stamps 26.3 million 27.3 million 31.1 million
Chicago Public Library Circulation 7.4 million 7.8 million 9.8 million
Money Loaned for Mortgages $2.7 Billion $2.3 Billion $1.7 Billion
Number of Homes Sold 7.3 million 5.5 million 4.8 million
Median Home Price $211,000 $199,800 $170,300
National Debt $8.8 trillion $9.4 trillion $10.9 trillion
Monthly Car Sales 1,090,925 1,043,947 656,976
Percent of Cars Sold by the Big Three 50.1% 51.2% 42.6%
Bank Failures in February 1 0 10
Annual Personal Bankruptcy Filings 823,405 1,115,486 1,504,634
Monthly Airline Passengers 60.3 million 61.9 million 54 million
Outstanding Credit Card Debt $902.3 billion $969.6 billion $994.4 billion

Sources: RealtyTrac, Labor Department, Employee Benefit Research Institute, Department of Agriculture, Chicago Public Library, Mortgage Bankers Association, National Association of Realtors, Treasury Department, Autodata Corp., FDIC, Bankruptcy Data Project at Harvard, Department of Transportation and the Federal Reserve. Figures are for the most recent period of data available.

Welcome Back to Reality

"We've woken from a daydream. We've been walking around as zombies and basically believed that everything was possible and nothing would harm us as a consequence of what we did," said Martin Lindstrom, a brand futurist and author of "Buy-ology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy."

"We're not taking things for granted anymore," he said.

Lindstrom said that the wake-up call is actually "incredibly healthy."

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