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Luis: Independent Bakery

Business: Independent Bakery
Loan Request: $5,603.73

Luis has learned to navigate the Manhattan streets like the back of his hand through his baked goods delivery business. He began his business seven years ago and smiles when he thinks of the success his venture has become. He is happy and proud to be able to send his 13-year-old to a good school. He also has two sons serving in the Marines.

Luis begins his morning with his first delivery route between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. He does three rounds of deliveries throughout the day. He has expanded from two delivery contracts to six major contracts with various bakeries throughout the city, and he has added a new van and hired an employee. He has requested a loan to insulate his second van, which will be necessary to keep his goods fresh during the hot New York summer.

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Carl: CA Window Cleaning

CA Window Cleaning
Business: CA Window Cleaning
Loan Request: $5,000

Carl worked for 20 years in the trucking industry and washed windows on the side for extra money before deciding to start his own window washing business. Carl manages the business and washes the windows, often waking at 3 a.m. for early jobs while his wife helps out with bookkeeping. His business capacity has doubled in the last few years and could keep growing, but he needs to invest in advertising and hire a full-time employee to meet the high demand.

A $5,000 loan would help Carl advertise his business online and in real estate brochures, as well as prepare the business to hire a full-time employee.

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Kiva has partnered with ACCION USA and the Opportunity Fund to provide small business micro-loans in the United States. Please visit or for information on applying for a loan.

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Amanda Keppert: Mandy's Korner

Mandy's Corner
Business: Mandy's Korner Hot Dog Stand
Loan Request: $6,500: FULFILLED

Amanda Keppert has always worked hard to support her family, despite facing a series of personal tragedies, including the death of her parents and the losses of her brother to cancer and her stepson to a drunk driver. She invested the money she inherited from her parents to purchase a busy street corner lot in San Jose, Calif., where she opened a gourmet hot dog stand to support her four children.

"Mandy's Korner is a quick-turn food service selling specialty sausages, hotdogs and sandwiches," she explained. "There's homemade cooking here; it's made with love. It's just a place where people can come and relax and enjoy a great hotdog or a sandwich ... When you are cooking your food with love they can tell.

"To own a piece of real estate here, in this very busy commercial-zoned area, is the best thing I could have probably done with my money," she added.

Keppert's only employees are her teenage kids, who help her with cooking, cleaning, catering special events and even bookkeeping. This helps her save money while helping her children develop a strong work ethic, she said.

"How I treat my family I treat my customers, and they really love that," she said.

Keppert says a $6,500 loan will enable her to purchase an electric panel and an ice machine, which will save her both time and money. She also plans to invest in fliers and advertisements in local newspapers to boost business.

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