Google Nexus Offers Little Competition to Apple iPhone

Meanwhile, strong on momentum and flush with cash, Apple isn't waiting around for the world to catch up with it. Two weeks from now, the company is expected to introduce yet another category-buster: this time it's rumored to be a tablet device – think of an oversized iPod Touch, but no doubt with much of the functionality of a personal computer (not to mention all of those iPhone apps). It will also no doubt, have one or two very cool and unexpected new features that will make it a gotta-have for Apple fanatics everywhere. Once again, Apple will have a new product that challenges convention, seemingly obsoletes an entire multibillion-dollar industry (in this case, handheld computers) while overwhelming a second, newer industry (netbooks, such as the Kindle) and yet is still stunning to look at.

In other words, the Google phone will be a loser, even if it is a winner, because it will probably diminish Google's reputation as a tech juggernaut. Meanwhile, the Apple Tablet will be a winner, even if it is a loser, because (like those wacky iMac cubes and other designs of the last decade) it will continue to advance the company's reputation for risk-taking and cool.

Meanwhile, for the rest of us, at least after a miserable 2009 in tech, 2010 is starting out fun. It's as if the great consumer tech companies have been waiting to get last year over with and are now bouncing around at the starting line, waiting for the new year to begin so they can burst out of the gate. Despite everything else, the New Year in tech looks like fun.

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