Mercury's Demise Met With Sadness, Shrugs

"We've owned a Mercury Grand Marquis since 2000; and the reason we bought a Mercury is because my parents owned one forever and we liked it because all of the room since we hauled children and grandchildren around. We hate to see the Mercury go away, but looks like we can't have any say in the matter.The Mercury Grand Marquis has been a great vehicle and especially during traveling because of the trunk capacity, good gas mileage, and lots and lots of comfort."
-Alice Hudman, Texas

"One of my first cars was a 2000 Mercury Mercury Cougar. On the outside, it was a reasonably attractive vehicle, and inside it was pretty functional, but I guess much of that is subjective. It's a shame that mechanically where it really matters, it was the reason I will probably never buy an American car again. I will happily forget the 6+ months near the end of its life with me in 2003, when it was in service at least once a month (countless electrical issues, engine stalls, brake problems, too long to list)...Now, years later, I'm happily driving a foreign car ... Good bye and good riddance Mercury!"
-Gabriel Ioan, New York, New York

"Tell me this is not happening! I have had several Mercury vehicles, including my new 2010 Mariner Premirer. I have had many Fords and a Lincoln, but keep coming back to Mercury for a great combination of price, style, qualiity and value. If this story is true, it is a big mistake on FMC's (Ford Motor Company's) part."
-Joe O'Brien, South Abbington Township, Pennsylvania

Mercury customers are among the latest to watch their favorite brands discontinued as the recession and its aftermath continues to bear down on profits and consumer demand. readers across the country have shared a range of reflections on the closure of popular companies. Certain stores and brands drew stronger reactions than others. To see what readers had to say, see the next page.


General Motors announced in February that it would shut down Hummer after a plan to sell the brand to a Chinese company fell through. GM has been shedding brands as part of a larger effort to restructure and revive the bailed-out automaker. Last year, GM's Saturn and Pontiac -- see the following pages -- also got the axe.

In messages to, some praised the trucks as fun to drive while others panned them, criticizing the vehicles' perceived environmental effects -- the Environmental Protection Agency has actually given Hummer models relatively good scores on its air pollution effects scale in recent years -- and its decadent image. But the road-hogging vehicles, like the 2009 H3, got just 14 miles to the gallon in city driving, according to the EPA.

"I have a 2003 Hummer H2. While the quality of the vehicle has not been the best I've ever bought, this is the most enjoyable vehicle I have had to drive. I will miss Hummer and plan on keeping mine for a very long time!"
-Chris Baird, Jellico, Tennessee

"I'll miss Hummer like I miss my wife's period when it ends. The ugly duckling of the vehicle world, gas guzzling behemoths and best friends with all the Arab oil barons."
-Mike Delportillo, Coral Gables, Florida

"...A behemoth it is not, a gas guzzler it is not. It is NO DIFFERENT than any other mid-sized or full-sized SUV on the market with ONE exception -- it is one of the most capable, safe and comfortable 4 wheelers ever designed. And I have the pictures and magazine coverage to prove it."

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