What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day

"What made it so unusual was I could choose what I wanted. They typed up a menu with eggs, pancakes, toast, juice, waffles, and many more items listed on the menu. I had to choose my selection and they would cook it -- they were 8 and 13 at the time. They did a wonderful job and the food was edible! They served me in bed with a flower on the lap-table. And the kitchen was spotless. I was so taken by their thoughtfulness and beforehand work, I laminated the menu and still look at it with a smile to this day!"

Mary Beth Niedermier, of Sylvania, Ohio, is married to an information technology manager for a Chrysler supplier. They were told last week that production would stop this week.

"My Mother's Day wish is that I am able to keep everything normal for my family. I wish I could get my mortgage paid, health insurance paid, some bills paid and that my two daughters don't understand how much our family is going to have to sacrifice to make everything work."

Sheila Hill, of Caddo Mills, Texas, has a son in the military currently deployed.

"I would like nothing more than to be able to hear him on the phone and see him at the same time. Since he won't be home this year, a phone call will come when he can and I get pics now and again but to see him live and hear him at the same time would make my Mother's Day. A picture is worth its weight in gold but a live picture when they are so far away, is priceless."

Laura Henry, of Napoleon, N.D., is a florist. "So flowers are not on the top of my list. After working extremely long hours for Mother's Day, my perfect gift would be plants, trees or shrubs for my yard. I purchased my parents' house a few years ago and the yard is in need of desperate repair. Even grass seed would be all right with me."

Millisa Baker, of Apple Valley, Calif., is just looking forward to being the center of her family's attention.

"Being a working mom you are usually taken for granted. The things you do are 'Just the things mom does.' From cooking, cleaning, helping with homework, giving baths, getting my daughter ready for school or ready for bed. Getting the baby fed along with anything else a 4-month-old may need, and many other little tasks that pop up. At the same time getting ready for work myself. Also being the loving and supporting partner. It's a lot. So it's nice even for one day to be the one that is pampered and appreciated. Even if all it is is breakfast in bed and a homemade card. That is a beautiful Mother's Day!"

Time for Mom to Rest

Karen Anderson, of Muskogee, Okla., works full time and often after hours. Her daughter and grandson had to move in last July. For Mother's Day, she "just would like someone to clean my house. I am exhausted at the end of each day."

Theresa Trimmer, of West Point, Va., has two sons, ages 22 and 27.

"I would love it if they would both come with me to church and then out to a local restaurant for lunch! That would make my day!"

Melody Loftin, of Houston, said the best gift would be the company of her two grown children.

"Cooking together, catching up and maybe a good movie … after all, the best things in life really are free."

Belinda Bishop, of Athens, Ala., has a son in Arizona and a daughter in North Carolina.

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