'Hypermiling' to Save Big on Gas

"Hypermiling is a whole buffet table of techniques, and it doesn't mean you have to absorb the whole buffet table," says Gerdes. "Take and pick what you want. Learn the basic techniques until they're second nature. Once they're second nature, then move on to the next one."

Some extreme techniques, like rolling through rural stop signs, or tailgating 18-wheelers for decreased wind resistance, can be dangerous or illegal. And while Gerdes has instructions on this sort of "drafting" on his Web site, he claims that a skilled hypermiler is a much safer driver overall. "Instead of paying attention to the ornament on your hood or the bumper right in front of you, you're paying attention to a bigger area," he says. "So, you don't react to a situation. You've already planned for it."

With traffic zipping by on the highway, Flory employs a "pulse and coast" method which can save more than a dollar a gallon. "The speed limit here is 55, but I'll do 45 to 50 and people can just deal with it," he says.

Does he get honked at?

"Occasionally. But I get an equal number of thumbs-up and waves."

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