Army Veteran Struggles to Receive Brain Treatment As a Private Contractor


Waiting for Medical Treatment Despite Doctors' Recommendations

Dr. Neil Giddings wrote on February 1: "once again, I strongly recommend evaluation and a comprehensive program, which does not appear to be available in Spokane, Washington area for traumatic brain injuries using experts who have expertise in these blast injuries."

Barcklay said she has shared the doctors' recommendations with Chartis, but she said her insurer has made her jump through hoops to receive her necessary treatment, including assigning her multiple caseworkers.

Finally, the insurer requested an independent review from a doctor in Rhode Island who has never examined Barcklay. That doctor reported on May 18 that Barcklay was suffering from a mental condition and she did not need the cognitive rehabilitation, a diagnosis which Barcklay and her doctors contest.

"My doctors will not let me go back to work because I'm neurologically unstable with seizures," she said. "That cannot be diagnosed where I live in Spokane, Washington."

On June 8, the Office of Workers' Compensation of the Labor Department, issued a recommendation that the "employer/carrier allow Ms. Barcklay to be evaluated by the Centre for Neuro Skills…for the purpose of determining whether she is a suitable candidate for inpatient treatment."

Now, Barcklay will receive the treatment after months of waiting.

Chartis' response on Wednesday prevented litigation through the Labor Department's trial courts. Barcklay said even with the treatment, she is concerned the delay in receiving treatment will hamper her rehabilitation.

"The fact is we all have to go through this process. We have to hire attorneys and fight them for care recommended by doctors that AIG hired and they deny it for no reason for this long," Barcklay said about other civilian contractors. "We shouldn't fight for what's right. We're legally obligated for this treatment and we shouldn't have to fight so hard."

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