Black Friday: More Retail Workers Working on Thanksgiving Day


"Some of my co-workers are really unhappy about it," she said. "I know that there are a few who are very cheerful, but I think they're trying to amp us up."

And before you think that all the holiday workers are twenty-somethings or people with part-time jobs, Samantha pointed out that many of her colleagues are older with families waiting at home.

"We even have a grandma who works there. She's in charge of her family's Thanksgiving meal, but she's working that day," Samantha said. "She has to work from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m."

Samantha said she and her colleagues don't know whether to blame their employer or the shoppers who show up on the holiday. When Old Navy workers hand out coupons advertising Thanksgiving sales, customers often tell them they think it's awful that they have to work.

"But I guess there are some people who will show up," Samantha said.

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