London Preps for Marathon With Bomb-Proof Recycling Pods

"We learned that bombs placed inside of bins made better bombs," Murison said from Curventa's headquarters in London. "And when glass shatters, that's what causes the damage and a lot of lacerations."

The recycling bins are also designed so any potential explosion would blow the lid up in the air.

"The vast majority of the energy of an explosion is going into thin air. We do have to send the shock waves somewhere and like a chimney it goes straight up but should protect people in the vicinity," he said.

While some technologies may assist in preventing some tragedies, Murison said public vigilance is a major factor.

"You can control something in an enclosed space like a stadium, but when it's outside like a marathon, it's extremely difficult," he said. "You hope the vast majority of the public is vigilant and report suspicious activity -- unless you lock down the whole city which isn't going to happen."

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