Weight Loss Products: 'GMA' Tries Caffeine Pants, Slim Capsule


I ask Kevin Nunez, owner of the Planet Beach franchise we visit in Brentwood, Calif., about how this heat differs from a sauna.

"A sauna is pulling water weight from the skin and dehydrating the body," he says. "The use of the infrared heat in the slim capsule helps to reset the metabolic rate, increase cardiovascular circulation and help the body burn more calories."

But exercise physiologists ABC spoke with say there are no major studies or research showing increased heat or infrared heat as a key to weight loss or fat reduction.

In fact, Samantha Heller says it can be dangerous

"Exposing yourself to extreme heat for 20 to 25 minutes can really increase your risk for dehydration, it can increase your risk for heat stroke, other adverse reactions to heat where your body is unable to cool itself down," she says. "You have to be very, very careful. It can interact with certain medications, medical conditions, something you have to be very, very careful of before you decide this is what you want to do."

And even though it claims the device will burn 500 calories, the company that makes the slim capsule says: "The focus for the client using the Slimline pod should be wellness, restful rejuvenation and thermal exercise leading to a cleansing feeling and inch loss, not necessarily weight loss!"

After my 30 minutes in the Slim Capsule at Planet Beach I am sweaty, thirsty and ready for a shower. After reviewing the science and the experience of both weight loss products, I think I'll just stick with healthy eating and jogging a few times a week.

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