Jamie Leigh Jones Ordered to Pay $145,000 in Court Costs After Failed Rape Claim


Todd Kelly, Jones' attorney, said in a statement that "it takes a lot of courage to bring a lawsuit against a well-financed corporation like KBR."

He said that the judge ruled that this case was not frivolous was "correct."

"The jury was not convinced that Jamie was telling the truth. That, by the way, does not mean that they decided she was lying. They just didn't credit her more than Bortz," he said.

"I, for one, will go to my grave believing that Jamie Leigh Jones was drugged and raped by, at least, Charles Bortz on the evening of July 27, 2005. For those who would call me a 'greedy' trial lawyer, see my accountant about what this - and all civil trials cost," he said in his statement.

"Jamie, you remain a hero in my eyes. I am humbled that you chose me to stand for you. I am sorry that we did not walk out of that courtroom with justice, but I am proud to have stood by your side fighting for it for five long years," he said.

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