Mom Inventions: Exclusive Deals and Steals, Just for 'GMA' Viewers

PHOTO: "Good Morning America" brings viewers the best products at exclusive discounts!

One of the hottest segments on "Good Morning America" has been our weekly offering of exclusive Secret Deals and Steals, just for our viewers. Today, we're bringing you great discounts on great items for you, your children, as well as your home!

And, by the way, all these products were invented by moms.

First, the fine print:

1. Use the promo codes and links provided below only on the dates listed to receive the savings.

2. All deals available only while supplies last. No back orders or rain checks unless specified by the retailer.

3. Exclusive deals are applicable only to the items specified below. The savings are not applicable to other items on each site.

4. Deals cannot be combined with other coupons and offers.

5. Contact retailers directly for any questions about products, pricing and delivery before ordering online.

6. You might experience temporary technical issues because of the high volume of traffic. Thanks for your patience.

To suggest an exclusive deal for my consideration, connect with me directly at If you have any trouble accessing a deal, you're welcome to email me directly through I will answer you the same day.

Mom Inventors: Tinkle Targets 2 Pack

Original: $10

GMA Exclusive Deal: $5

Get 50 percent savings on a pair of Tinkle Target packs

Valid: 1/12/12 (no promo code needed when using this exclusive link)

If you have a young boy and you're aiming to toilet train him, you'll love this. Ann Neale was tired of cleaning up, so she invented a product that encourages boys to stand at the potty and aim. It help makes an often-frustrating process simple and fun. Plus, the paper is flushable. Shipping is $2.

Amco Houseworks: Measure Up Bowls

Original: $20

GMA Exclusive Deal: $10

Get 50 percent savings on ceramic measuring bowls

Valid: 1/12/12 (no promo code needed when using this exclusive link)

These Measure Up Bowls are great for portion control because they have measure markings right inside – making healthy eating easy. No more guessing about portion size. Designed by Heather Harvey, a mom who used the product to lose 80lbs in one year. The deal includes one large and one small bowl; microwave and dishwasher safe. Shipping is around $5.95 depending on location.

Baby Dipper: Baby Dipper Bowl Set and Baby Dipper Spoon and Fork Set

Original: $28

GMA Exclusive Deal: $14

Get 50 percent savings on two Baby Dipper bowls and two spoon and fork sets

Valid: 1/12/12 thru 1/15/12 (no promo code needed when using this exclusive link)

Mom of twins Barbara Schantz needed a bowl that allowed easy one-handed feeding, so she invented the Baby Dipper bowl. This product has a triangular slanted interior that leads the food to the spoon-shaped corner. This bowl's non-slip base keeps bowl in place and allows true one-handed feeding by parents or by kids. Shipping is $2.

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