Mother's Day Gifts: 'GMA' Puts Robotic Housecleaning Products to the Test


The Looj Gutter Cleaner

Who wants to get up on the ladder to clean messy gutters? (OK, this may be a job you foist on Dad, but Father's day is coming up so let's include it in our home robotic roundup).

The Looj gutter cleaner uses rubber flaps and stiff brushes to auger out leaves and gutter debris. You drive it with a remote and while the premise is good and many online testers report good results, I couldn't get the Looj to navigate my gutters properly. It just kept getting stuck.

I'm sure gutter sizes and configurations vary so it must work in some, but I wouldn't want to shell out $89 for a device that made more work of an already miserable job. The makers of Looj say they have a money-back guarantee and their website has full specifications on which gutter sizes work best with the device.

Robostir Sauce Stirrer

Finally, the Robostir. The infomercial promises it is the "extra hand you need in the kitchen."

Robostir looks like a tripod with silicone feet. You place batteries in the main housing on top and then adjust the speed to agitate the sauce you have (faster for thick sauces slower for thin sauces).

It was helpful with thinner sauces that needed an occasional stir, but when I used it to try and make gravy, it couldn't handle the thickener and my gravy came out LUMPY -- horrors! For $15, it is a fun and an occasionally useful tool, but depending on an automatic pot-stirrer could be a recipe for disaster.

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