When to Pay a Higher Health Insurance Deductible

Deductible Premium
$500 $4,236/year
$1,500 $2,808/year
$2,500 $2,352/year
$5,000 $1,536/year
$10,000 $1,164/year

Yes, it would be nice for Stephanie to have health insurance that kicked in after just $500, but she would pay dearly for the privilege - $4,236 a year! Imagine how many doctor visits that money would cover if she paid cash. Actually, I'll tell you, about 34 15-minute appointments at $125 each! Now let's consider the $1,500 Deductible. If Stephanie chooses the $1,500 deductible instead of the $500 one she can save 33-percent. It's a sure savings of $1,428 a year in exchange for a possible cost of $1,000. She could set the $1,428 aside and use it to cover the $1,000 difference, and still have money left over.

For that reason, the $1,500 plan will probably make sense to a lot of people. For people who are comfortable financially, I'd suggest going with an even higher deductible. It's up to you how far you are willing to take this concept, depending on your situation. If you analyze the even higher deductibles, you will see that there are benefits at every price point. It's an individual choice based on your unique situation.

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