Penniless Miami Playboy Thomas Kramer Parties Lavishly

Throckmorton asks where's all the money from the disposal of Kramer's boats and cars and paintings and personal effects.

"Into the burning account."

Burning account? What account is that?

"Burning like whoosh it goes, and the money is gone."

In the deposition, Kramer says the only other money has, besides the $300,000 left from his inheritance, is what he can get from renting out the backyard of one of his Star Island homes for photo shoots and charity events.

He says he has $4 million in unpaid bills right now sitting on his desk. So, he asks rhetorically, what is he supposed to do with his remaining money? "Throw [it] up in the air, [so] who catches it is paid, and I shoot myself? No thank you."

Having established earlier that Kramer's personal expenses are running $50,000 a month, and that his home maintenance expenses are running about equal, Throckmorton asks the question that anybody would: "Do you have a plan for how you are going to finance your life-style, once the remaining $300,000 runs out?"

"Yeah," says Kramer. "I'm going to declare bankruptcy probably."

"Well," says Throckmorton, "bankruptcy doesn't create money, unfortunately. Do you have a plan for how you are going to live?"

"Off my friends and family," comes the answer. "I'm everywhere invited."

ABC News asked Kramer, via his attorney, for comment. His attorney had no comment and directed us directly to Kramer, who did not acknowledge our request for an interview. We also contacted the attorneys for the heirs who have gotten the judgment against Kramer. They declined to comment but provided us with some of the legal documents in the case, including the deposition.

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