Philadelphia Man Moves to Foreclose on Wells Fargo Over Mortgage


"We were surprised to learn about the sheriff's sale because we sent him the funds and we thought the matter was resolved," she said. "We fully expect this to be concluded later this month."

Rodgers, who said he has paid his mortgage every month, said he still hopes someone from Wells Fargo will respond to his questions. "When I initiated the litigation I thought surely that would come to someone's attention," said Rodgers. "I thought someone would say, 'Hey you don't have to litigate, you just have to talk to us.'"

"Then I had a sheriff's levy and they wouldn't respond, and then a sheriff's sale," said Rodgers. "I would love someone with some authority to give me a ring and say, 'Hey, let's sort all of this out.'"

Adams responded with an email to ABC News explaining that Wells Fargo "could have handled Mr. Rodgers' very unusual situation better."

"We're doing our best to resolve everything to everyone's satisfaction," she wrote.

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