Brandon Montgomery/Patron
  • The Art of Patron

    Brandon Montgomery, Spring Valley, Calif., was the $10,000 winner. He said being "part of the rich history & global distinction of Patrón" inspired "Batalla de los Espiritus". "Twenty bottles support the decorative dual-purpose table. The custom chessboard is adorned with 32 mini Patrón bottles, including 16 hand carved corks. The interchangeable glass panel marries elegance & functionality."
    Brandon Montgomery/Patron
  • The Art of Patron

    Chris Emmert of Eugene, Ore. said of "De Agave on the Rocks": "For me, Patrón conjures up visions of ice, agave, and sunshine working together to ignite a warm inner glow.With that vision in mind, I applied my love of tequila and mosaic glass work to adorn and illuminate this iconic bottle while preserving the distinctive label." Emmert and the other finalists receive $1,000.
    Chris Emmert/Patron
  • The Art of Patron

    Bryan Northup of Oak Park, Ill. said of "Elevated Shards Bowl": "Elegant yet earthy this footed bowl elevates shards to a new level. Created with two Patrón bottles, one large frosted bottle was broken and fired back together to form an organic shaped bowl, a smaller bottle was trimmed and bonded to the bowl to elevate it in an stylish way."
    Bryan Northup/Patron
  • The Art of Patron

    Brian Holton of Pittsburgh, Pa. says of "Tequilavision": "...I wanted to create something artistic and interactive with the Patrón Silver bottle. My inspiration was experimental camera lenses and filters. Photography / filmmaking through this piece of art has the potential to reveal an unexpected beauty in images in a previously unseen way."
    Brian Holton/Patron
  • The Art of Patron

    Karen McIntyre of Brooklyn, N.Y. said of Tequila Starburst: "I was inspired by the texture of the glass. Old world; handmade. Light changes when shining through, which made me think of a starburst. So I combined a handmade, industrial feel with simple, old world incandescent bulbs in a burst of light to create something unique and, I hope, beautiful."
    Karen McIntyre/Patron
  • The Art of Patron

    Danny Keaton of Leicester, N.C. said of "Bottom's Up Floor Lamp": "Bottom's Up is made from bottles collected by Keaton's recycle hauling business. With glass constantly passing through his hands, Keaton sees material innovation where others see trash. Designed to balance, reflect and engage. This lamp features 28 Patrón bottles stacked in a stand and cut into tiles for a shade."
    Danny Keaton/Patron
  • The Art of Patron

    Dessi Boneva of New York City said of "Skinny Margarita": "My workouts should be like my tequila - simply perfect. Inspired by the industrial feel of the bottle and fueled by desire to stay fit without compromises, the Patrón dumbbell was designed. The threaded spine allows flexibility in arm sizing and ability to fill the containers with varying density materials."
    Dessi Boneva/Patron
  • The Art of Patron

    Michael Bowman of Cedar Falls, Iowa said of "Patrón Bee Mosaic": "I have created a fine art mosaic of Patrón's signature bee. I love the simplicity of this design, it translates well into a mosaic pattern. I used broken Patrón bottles that I painted the appropriate colors to create this mosaic."
    Courtesy Michael Bowman/Patron
  • The Art of Patron

    Mikael Darni of Acra, N.Y. describes Patrón Pendant Lamp as: "The beauty of the hand crafted Patrón bottle inspired a One of a Kind, reverse hand painted, 'Illuminated' work of art. As done by the turn of the century glass artists, Galle, Handel and Pairpoint."
    Mikael Darni/Patron
  • The Art of Patron

    Andrea Vidmar of Las Vegas says, "'Bee Extraordinary' was inspired by finding joy and uniqueness in everything. It's my hobby to go hunting for 'treasures', to see something different and beautiful even if I have to really see it in a new way. Thanks Patrón for fun nights sipping and striving to achieve what seemed impossible!"
    Andrea Vidmar/Patron
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