President Bill Clinton Job-Creation Blueprint Fact Check


President Bill Clinton's Blueprint to Boost Jobs

10. Should employers be able to train people without providing benefits, as president Clinton suggests to build a skilled workforce?

Bronars agrees that such an idea could work because companies are already reluctant to make investments when the recipient of that investment can leave to work for a competitor.

"The Republicans should lobby for a sub-minimum wage during training periods, as well," Bronars said. "The union lobby will fight this, but the skills provided by the training programs are general."

Bronars said workers can apply the skills for other employers who didn't pay for the training.

Rouse said because the economy appears to be in a jobless recovery, employers, for various reasons, are not taking on the costs of hiring.

"We have high number of unemployed workers and employers have so many job applicants that even sifting through those applications can be daunting," she said.

Rouse said that it is also important to safeguard workers in programs such as the one proposed by Clinton, "so employers don't have an incentive to just churn employees."

"As a way to encourage employers to take a chance on workers,they would have otherwise not take a chance on, I think that it's an interesting idea," she said.

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