7 of the Quirkiest Items Found in SkyMall Magazine

PHOTO: Bring the elusive, hairy Himalayan legend to life in your backyard with this two-foot-tall garden statue of Bigfoot.

Bored with your in-flight movie choices and watching cloud after cloud roll by the plane, you're likely to reach for the staple of almost every commercial airplane's seat back during your flight -- SkyMall magazine.

And what wondrous things can be found inside those pages! SkyMall magazine seems to have a never-ending treasure trove of novelty items that you suddenly just have to have: light-up robots, foot remedies -- even baldness camouflage. Maybe it's the regulated air pressure of the cabin, but you'll find yourself thinking that peeing boy of Brussels statue on page 86 is just what your backyard garden was missing.

We pulled some of the quirkiest items that SkyMall magazine, now also an online shopping hub, has to offer.


1. "Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti" Statue: SkyMall says to bring the elusive, hairy Himalayan legend to life in your backyard with this two-foot-tall garden statue of Bigfoot. Price $85-$115.

2. Cat Toilet Training System: Say goodbye to the litter box forever with the Litter Kwitter 3-Step Cat Toilet Training System. SkyMall says the product promises to teach your cat to use a human toilet in eight weeks or less. Price $49.99.

3. Bling Sting: Jazz up your boring locks with Bling String, sparky hair extensions by the Mia/Tonytail Company, Inc. SkyMall advertises them as "great for parties, dances, cheer, proms, wedding, or a night out on the town." Price $9.95.

4. Head Spa Massager: Enter a state of euphoria with this head spa massager, which SkyMall says feels like "thousands of tiny fingers simultaneously massaging your scalp." Price $49.95.

5. SkyRest Travel Pillow: Regular pillows can shift and fall flat, but not the SkyRest Travel Pillow, which SkyMall says will allow anyone to fall asleep comfortably in any airplane seat. Price $29.95.


6. Magic Showerheads: Liven up your normal shower routine with a "fountain of brilliant fun." SkyMall advertises the Magic Showerhead as a device that will illuminate your shower water a variety of changing colors, including yellow, green, red, blue and purple. Price $49.99 to $99.99.


7. Foot Alignment Socks: Give your tired aching feet some soothing relief with these soft, fuffly foot alignment socks. SkyMall advertises this product at aliging your toes to provide "instant relief...even sleep in them!" Price $19.95.

All photos are courtesy of SkyMall

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