Ring Them Bells--Not! Salvation Army Noise Complaint


In Freemont, Neb., where, according to the Union-Tribune, half of local malls for a time banned the Salvation Army, volunteers resorted to using wooden bells with "ding" written on one side, and "dong" on the other. Army officials said the wooden bells were discontinued after volunteers complained they felt foolish.

Back in New Hampshire, Hamilton-Parker says that if she fails to get satisfaction from local Salvation Army representatives, her next step will be to write to the city council. Seacoast Online is reporting that a local Salvation Army captain has offered to equip the ringers outside Hamilton-Parker's store with a quieter bell and to reduce their number from four to one.

She's no Grinch, Hamilton-Parker insists, nor does she hate Christmas (as Seacoast Online had quoted her as saying). She tells ABC News she understands the affection many people feel at Christmas time for the red pot and the ringing. "What a world of merriment their melody foretells," she says, quoting a line from the first stanza of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Bells."

She just wishes they'd foretell their merriment someplace else.

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