5 Simple Tips for an Easier Workplace Start to 2015

PHOTO: How to ease into work after winter vacation.Getty Images
How to ease into work after winter vacation.

After you've recovered from your New Year's hangover and winter vacation, it's time to get back to work.

Tom Gimbel, president and CEO of LaSalle Network, a staffing firm based in Chicago, offers easy steps for a smoother transition after your time away from the office or school.

Here are five simple tips for a healthier new year at your workplace:

1. Get to the Office Earlier

Gimbel suggests at least an hour earlier on the first day back to get organized.

"That way they are prepared to meet as soon as their managers get in to recap anything they’ve missed," he said. "Employees have to be laser-focused, which means putting phones away and not constantly checking social media updates or looking at the trip’s photos. They shouldn’t set themselves up for distractions."

2. Consider the Week Ahead

Before going home that first day, employees should create an agenda of what the rest of the week will entail, Gimbel said.

3. Consider Office Social Dynamics

It’s important that employees are empathetic to their teams who may have picked up their slack while out, he said.

"It wouldn’t hurt to write a quick thank-you note to team members who did work on their behalf. Appreciation goes a long way," he said.

4. Stay on Top of Updates

If the employee works directly with clients, they should make calls to each when they return to simply catch up and recap where projects stand, regardless of whether co-workers filled them in, Gimbel said.

5. Use the Energy

Your time away, hopefully, allowed you to rest and recharge.

"Being on a vacation revives an employee who may have spent months at the office without taking a trip," Gimbel said. "Bring that fresh energy into the office and apply it to current projects."