How to Turn an Internship Into a Job

In that vein, he noted that, once on the job, it's a good policy to take care of the most menial tasks first to give the impression of competence. Once the easy, boring stuff is out of the way, it frees up time to volunteer for more challenging tasks.

"Do the extra work and never say no to anything," he said. "What I was always surprised about was how much clock-watching I saw. At 5 o'clock, most of the other interns were headed out the door. If you stay 30 minutes later every day, a lot of projects come open and people will appreciate that you're the only one left to do the work."

Learning Office Etiquette

Though internships across various professional disciplines vary widely, Fedorko said all interns could learn some basic rules of professional behavior. As any seasoned worker knows, learning to handle the different personalities on the job is probably just as valuable as the work itself. Fedorko suggests obvious tactics such as creating a good working relationship with other interns, and he weighs in on one of the professional world's most difficult situations: dealing with an idiot boss.

"Just suck it up and bite your tongue and be mature," he said. "Anyone can learn how to use the fax machine or file, but social etiquettes and office politics are things you use every day."

The book stresses that the most important thing an intern can learn is how to blend in with co-workers while at the same time doing the little things that will make his or her work stand out -- following directions, even if the work is dull, and communicating to supervisors that more challenging work is welcome.

And even if the internship doesn't turn out the way you expect, like Fedorko's "McEnroe" experience, there are still positive things to take away. He remains close to the show's producer and keeps a stack of business cards from many of the people he encountered while working at the show.

"In a way, the way that internship turned out was the best thing for me," he said. "If the show hadn't been canceled, I wouldn't have written the book!"

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