Calling all psychics: It's contest time again

Consider how strange this year will be in media.

Homer Simpson will go belly-to-belly with Shrek. YouTube's audience will continue to soar higher than a Diet Coke and Mentos fountain. AT&T will launch into the satellite business. And DreamWorks co-founder David Geffen will run the presses at the Los Angeles Times.

At least that's what some of Wall Street's most astute media analysts say.

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But don't depend on them to guide you for the 11th Annual USA TODAY Media Prognostication Contest. Readers have beaten them for the last six years.

This time it could be you.

The contest is open to all in three categories: readers, industry players (such as executives, consultants, journalists and stars) and other Wall Streeters.

All you have to do is enter online or by mail by the Jan. 31 deadline (address below).

The questions

1. Which of these megasequels will generate the most box office dollars in its three-day opening weekend?

a) Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (Fox); b) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Warner); c) Live Free or Die Hard (Fox); d) Ocean's 13 (Warner); e) Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Disney); f) Spider-Man 3 (Sony).

2) Digital albums or their equivalent (10 tracks = 1 album) accounted for 5.3% of all album sales as of late 2006 — up from 2.5% in 2005. What share of the album market will digital downloads have by late 2007?

a) 5.3% or less; b) 5.4% to 7.0%; c) 7.1% to 9.0%; d) 9.1% to 11.0%; e) 11.1% to 13.0%; f) More than 13.0%.

3) Nearly 35.9 million different people visited in November 2006, up from 1.1 million in November 2005, according to Nielsen/NetRatings. In November 2007 it will be:

a) Down 50% or more; b) Down less than 50%; c) Flat or up 50% or less; d) Up more than 50%, but less than 100%; e) Up 100% or more.

4) Weekday newspaper circulation fell 2.8% in the six-month period ended Sept. 30, 2006. In the same period in 2007, weekday newspaper circulation will:

a) Rise for the first time in years; b) Either be flat (rounded to one decimal point), or fall less than 1%; c) Fall at least 1% but less than 2%; d) Fall at least 2%, but less than 3%; e) Fall at least 3%, but less than 4%; f) Fall 4% or more.

5) Which of these deals will be announced and either be closed or still be moving forward as of Dec. 1?

a) Sirius and XM Satellite Radio merge; b) EMI and Warner Music merge; c) Microsoft buys Yahoo; d) AT&T buys either EchoStar or DirecTV; e) Viacom (Paramount) buys DreamWorks Animation; f) More than one; g) None.

6) Which animated movie will generate the most box office dollars in its three-day opening weekend?

a) Bee Movie (DreamWorks); b) Meet the Robinsons (Disney); c) Ratatouille (Disney-Pixar); d) Shrek the Third (DreamWorks); e) The Simpsons Movie (Fox); f) Surf's Up (Sony); g) TMNT [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] (Warner).

7) Which of these new ventures will be seen as the biggest success in 2007:

a) Allbritton's multimedia political news venture, The Politico; b) CBS Records; c) Condé Nast's business magazine Portfolio; d) Fox's business news cable channel; e) a YouTube-like video website created by the Big Four TV networks.

8) By Dec. 1, the Los Angeles Times newspaper will be owned by:

a) Tribune, same as now; b) David Geffen; c) Ron Burkle and Eli Broad; d) Philip Anschutz; e) The Minuteman Project; f) More than one of the above; g) Someone else.

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