Ad Track: Cosmetics companies tout mineral-based makeup

The Ad Team actually is more tempted by two other menu additions: the asiago cheese bagel, now topped with prosciutto and an egg, or the mysterious "bacon and cheese mini loaf."

Maybe we'll have Portions for dessert.

By Laura Petrecca, Theresa Howard and Bruce Horovitz


Q: What is printed at the end of each episode ofThe Big Bang Theory? It appears a page long and is on screen for a very short time.

— Marian Nunez, Gamerco, N.M.

A: The close of a TV show often includes a two- to three-second promo called a "vanity card" — a logo or other image, often audio and sometimes fun. The ones you describe are for the show's production company, Chuck Lorre Productions, which also produces Two and a Half Men. The text is usually about what's on Chuck Lorre's mind. "There's no prescription for it. It's whatever seems to come up," Lorre says. "It's the one area of writing I can do that has no limits unless CBS says it's unacceptable."

The cards started with Dharma & Greg, and he's up to nearly 200. All are posted at For example, in No. 191, which was written at 6 a.m. on Oct. 18, his 55th birthday, he laments middle age.

"I love the fact that people bother to read them," he says. "It's taken on a life of its own. I feel like it's an obligation. I have these loyal readers, and I don't want to disappoint them."

Have you tried mineral makeup? Tell us what you thought about the products.

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