Verizon Hub shines as a phone, but the rest of it has flaws

You cannot specify the length of an appointment, either. And the Hub would benefit from multiple calendars, perhaps one for each family member.

It's worth noting that the Hub does not take advantage of technology that lets you begin a call on the cell in your car and resume the conversation on the cordless handset at home.

•No substitute for a computer. You can peek at the time or weather. You can access traffic, summon a calculator, watch movie trailers and buy tickets. And you can watch videos via Verizon's V Cast, covering news, entertainment and kids fare.

But you can't surf the Web or check e-mail. And some V Cast content, even from such partners as Fox and ESPN, was surprisingly stale. Even after the Super Bowl, I was looking at football segments dating back to the Plaxico Burress shooting in November.

•Begging for more. Many problems are fixable. Verizon Wireless can update the device through software. Internet radio would be welcome. So would widgets for stocks, games or online photos. And a browser. Future hardware might benefit from a memory card slot and camera — the Hub could be a natural video phone. Verizon would also be wise to ditch the contract requirements.

For now, I'm sticking with my land-line relic.


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