Ad Track: Scandals tarnish celebrity endorsements

Yamaha, for instance, which does not pay artists for endorsements, announced a licensing agreement last month with singer Alicia Keys to sell digitally reproduced sounds of her playing the piano. They plan to call it Alicia's Keys.

"It was trending that way anyway, but with the recent celebrity scandals, I think you'll see companies start to focus on it more," Delzell says.

With their names on it, he says, stars may be "more invested in the relationship which hopefully translates into more trust ... more responsibility."


Q: Is The Office's John Krasinski the voice in some BlackBerry ads on TV recently?

— Mac Turberville, Lake City, Fla.

A:You have a good ear. Krasinski, the smart and balanced Jim on The Office, is the voice in ads for BlackBerry's new Storm. Ads began in November for the touch-screen device touted as Verizon and BlackBerry's answer to the iPhone. David Bowen, Verizon Wireless ad director, says, "John's voice was chosen for its real and approachable quality. … John's voice fit because the voice track is basically your own voice inside your head." Qualities such as approachable and real were perfect for the "voice inside your head."

Q: I'd love details on the lovely lady in the Glade TV ads. She closes the ads with, "And, yes, it's Glade." Who is she? Where have I seen her before?

—Darrell Robinson, Waterloo, Iowa

A:Unless you saw the 1991 horror flick Winterbeast or frequented fashion shows, you probably haven't seen Pennsylvanian Dori Kelly before. She was a runway model and has appeared in S.C. Johnson's Glade ads since 2006. Kelly spiffs up the smells in her house with Glade plug-in fresheners and aroma candles before yoga, before friends drop by, etc. In one ad, she tells a friend on the phone she's at a spa, even though she's just in a bubble bath at home. The message: Glade products offer the same soothing scents as costly aroma-therapy products.

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