Readers react to Obama's auto incentives plan

• "I would buy a GM product again depending on the deal I got from the dealership, especially since the government is going to back the warranty up. I really can't see the government letting GM go completely under. The loss of jobs would be catastrophic to an already fragile economy. I would feel secure buying a GM or Chrysler product. Since both of my vehicles are 2006 or newer, the (money) toward a new vehicle wouldn't be a useful as just having piece of mind that my warranty is covered."— Dennis Smith, Felts Mills, N.Y.

• "It would definitely persuade me to think about giving up our old minivan, and if we would do that, it would be a GM car. I would not be concerned about the state of the company." —Jennifer Beaton, Westlake, Ohio

•"The 'cash for clunkers' would definitely make me more likely to buy a new GM vehicle. We can not allow the American Auto Industry to crumble to nothing. If we do not buy American we are guaranteeing even more downfall for our country. If we can continue to dish out money to the banks, who are still not loaning, then I feel we can continue to help the American Auto Industry. If the banks would have continued to loan money our Auto Industry may not be in the situation it is currently in." —Tabatha Livengood, Stryker, Ohio

•"I own a 2003 Dodge Durango and would be very interested in trading for a new vehicle made in the US if the 'cash for clunkers' money was substantial. I would not buy a GM or Chrysler product but rather Toyota or Honda if they are on the approved list. Since my car is only 5 years old and in good condition, I would not "trade up" for $5,000; however, I would for $10,000. —Jean Brown, Charlotte

• "I would stay with GM. I have an old 1988 (Chevrolet) S10 (pickup) but it gets better gas mileage than the current replacement vehicles." — Dennis Makins, Franklin, Tenn.

• "I love my GM vehicle and would not hesitate to purchase another GM vehicle in the future. I believe GM may end up filing Chapter 13 but do not believe they will file Chapter 7 and go away forever. I absolutely oppose the government giving out cash or "Vouchers" or "Welfare" (whatever you want to call it) to people who own older vehicles. That is just ridiculous and a total waste of my taxpayer dollars. In my opinion the government has no business in this matter and I believe we would all be better off if the politicians would stay out of everyone's day to day lives. What's next? People with older model cellphones being provided new Blackberries by Obama? —LaJean Pelham, Longwood, Fla.

•"Given the state of (GM and Chrysler) and the poor mismanagement that led to their issues, I would not buy a car from either of them, regardless of the offer they put out on the table. I love my GM car and I'm grateful to own a fairly new vehicle, but I'm so annoyed by their issues and demands from the government, that I don't even want to think about buying a new car for awhile. They really don't deserve our business right now." —Chris Bredael, Eau Claire, Wisc.

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