Monster Cable lowers prices during recession

Monster works hard to keep retailers happy, throwing a big concert every year at the Consumer Electronics Show (artists have included Diana Ross, Rod Stewart, and Crosby, Stills and Nash) for 4,000 retailers, and awarding them prizes for salesmanship.

Lee says the loss of Circuit City "affected us dramatically," though he declined to discuss specifics. The Oakland Tribune recently cited Monster's yearly sales at $100 million, but Monster spokesman Daniel Graham says that's "way too low."

The company, which laid off 120 workers at the end of 2006 and outsourced their jobs to China, let go 43 workers in March due to the recession.

Doherty says Monster's biggest challenge now is keeping up with competition from Asian knockoff companies that are producing HDMI cables so cheaply.

"Monster used higher-quality products in the analog era to give you better sound, but as things went digital, it either works or it doesn't," he says. "Now there's an awful lot of $15 cables out there which would give you the exact same performance as Monster Cable."

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