Rebecca Rubin: American Girl and Eco-Terrorist

Domestic Terrorism Charged

Civil Liberties Defense Center, which defends activist in both groups, refused to comment for

The Vail attack caused $26 million in damages and drew national attention to eco-terrorists -- those break the law in the name of environmental and animal rights.

ELF claimed responsibility in the name of the Canada lynx, an endangered bobcat-like animal that once roamed the Rocky Mountain region.

The fires, which destroyed a mountain-top restaurant and several chairlifts, sent shocked the resort community, according to local press reports marking the 10th anniversary of the attack last year.

In 2006, arrest warrants were issued for 14 suspected eco-terrorists, including Rubin, after a wired FBI informant infiltrated the groups.

One suspect, William Rodgers, committed suicide in prison before his trial, according to Steele. Four others fled: Rubin and another woman, both Canadian citizens, as well as two men, one from Seattle and another from New Jersey.

Those who were charged faced 37 to 156 months in federal prison, said Steele.

Rubin is charged with two conspiracy violations related to 17 incidents and two counts of arson dating back to 1997, according to the FBI, which is offering a $50,000 award for her capture.

One charge was conspiracy to commit arson of government property at the Bonneville Power Administration facility in Oregon.

As for its marketing blunder, American girl said, "We are certainly aware that there are numerous people living today who share Rebecca's name, just like there are hundreds of girls who share names with [other dolls in its collection] Josefina Montoya, Molly McIntire, or Kirsten Larson to name just a few."

Or, as in the case of the other Rebecca Rubin, a few aliases.

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