Goodbye Buys: 8 Stores, Brands You Miss

...I have two girls, and while they are only 3 and 2, I bought many of their toys from KB, until the sad day came when I went to the mall to go to KB and some other stores, and noticed a HUGE sign that said 'Going out of business.' It broke my heart knowing that one of the greatest toy stores EVER was not going to be around for my kids to enjoy like I did.

I bought so much of their unique toys and games that NO ONE else sells, and I have left them unopened, until my girls grow up a bit more and can enjoy something special from a special toy store."
- Jeff St. Clair, Tucson, Ariz.


Bennigan's and sister restaurant chain Steak & Ale filed for bankruptcy protection last year. Bennigan's brand and franchising rights, once owned by Metromedia Restaurant Group, were sold to the private equity firm Atalaya Capital Management. Some 150 franchise-owned Bennigan's remain open, but dozens of others have closed. Below is a poem about the restaurant submitted by reader Kathryn Katz.

"Bennigan's Where Did You Go

Every Tuesday night we'd go
To Bennigan's, our family watering hole.
The hostess, waiters and chef staff
Were friendly, fast and made us laugh.
They knew our kids and we knew theirs.
A family atmosphere, a place to chat and share.

Then the night came when the lights were out.
Bennigan's staff were not there to meet us.
The parking lot was empty and just a small sign
Saying they were closed, no more local dining.
I drove fifteen miles to the next Bennigan's
And like my favorite place, it was closed like the rest.

I still don't understand why my favorite place closed.
Now we're eating McDonalds and other fast food restaurants.
Eating out is no longer the same without my friends
At Bennigan's. And that's all I have to say."

-Kathryn Katz, Sunrise, Fla.

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