Top 11 Favorite 'As Seen On TV' Infomercial Products

Ped Egg You don't need a pedicure for beautiful feet, just a Ped Egg. One of TV's most popular foot products, the Ped Egg is the "ultimate foot file" that gets rid of dry skin using stainless steel micro-files. Sound painful? The infomercial claims Ped Egg is so gentle, it won't burst a balloon. And yes the balloon experiments is tested on TV. As the name suggests, the Telebrands product is shaped like an egg and includes a special storage compartment to help clean up filings. If you want your feet to have "the incredible baby soft look and feel that everybody loves," this may be the product for you.

PediPaws This product is designed to give your pet a perfect pedicure in just minutes. The selling point: "treat your pet like family." The commercial shows painful pet grooming moments, and just as you are squirming in your seat, it offers the perfect solution: PediPaws. There is even a veterinarian who comes on TV to vouch for the product. Just like the Ped Egg, it promises no mess to clean up.

The Stick-Up Lightbulb First man invented fire. Eventually, the lightbulb was invented, but with it you were tethered to electrical wiring. Not anymore. TV pitchman Anthony Sullivan explains that with the Stick-Up Lightbulb "now you can have light anytime, anyplace, anywhere." No messy and expensive wires; just a bulb that you can install without an electrician. It is battery operated and turns on with a pull cord. Perfect for that closet, tool shed or other out-of-the-way spot. And if the power goes out, no worries. The bulb easily slides out of the wall and can be used as an emergency flashlight.

Nathalie Tadena contributed to this story.

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