Silicon Insider: Coming Down from War News

Sure, it's only going to get worse. Moore's Law, already bringing us chip-level cameras and broadband satellite uplinks, guarantees that the next time the information feeds will be infinitely richer and thicker. Next time, there'll be 10,000 cameras, shooting from everywhere and from every angle, a million blogs, and so many different opinions and rumors flying around the Net that they will cancel each other out even and as they crush us under their collective weight. We will all be force-fed Feed Freaks.

And you know what? I think it's great. I've got my cable modem and the best caffeine money can buy. Bring it on…

Michael S. Malone, once called “the Boswell of Silicon Valley,” most recently was editor-at-large of Forbes ASAP magazine. His work as the nation’s first daily high-tech reporter at the San Jose Mercury-News sparked the writing of his critically acclaimed The Big Score: The Billion Dollar Story of Silicon Valley, which went on to become a public TV series. He has written several other highly praised business books and a novel about Silicon Valley, where he was raised. For more, go to

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