America's Money: More GM Recalls

Also in this morning's business headlines: ground beef recall expanded; cereal prices threatened.
1:06 | 05/21/14

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Transcript for America's Money: More GM Recalls
America's number one. Good morning topping American money more recalls from General Motors -- before you recalls involve nearly two and a half million vehicles mostly. On -- Chevy Malibu GM has now recalled nearly fourteen million cars and trucks this year and more are expected. And the recall that possibly tainted beef offending some more states Rhode Island officials now say the ground beef from the Michigan -- To at least a 120. Facilities and there's new concern that some of that -- may have gotten -- a three story. And pat -- PetSmart stores are going to stop selling pet treats made in China owners have been complaining for years -- the -- was making it happened about six. The -- should be gone by the end of the year and enjoy this morning bowl of cereal while you can. Oxfam warns cereal prices may go -- in the next. Years because of climate change advocates and Boston flakes -- and full replacement cost to 30% more. Money and expressed.

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{"id":23808131,"title":"America's Money: More GM Recalls","duration":"1:06","description":"Also in this morning's business headlines: ground beef recall expanded; cereal prices threatened.","url":"/Business/video/americas-money-gm-recalls-23808131","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}