9 Little Known Facts About Mark Cuban

Rebecca Jarvis puts Mark Cuban in the hot seat with Real Biz rapid fire questions.
1:46 | 04/22/14

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Transcript for 9 Little Known Facts About Mark Cuban
If so where did you quit fired out our way ten seconds in two minutes ready -- -- -- the first answer apple or -- and get them. The sun and air carrying an iPhone with -- rest of the night announcing an android bingo to it yet to go into business with Mark Zuckerberg or -- -- those who at eight divisions. Most underrated CEO today. -- I don't know. Factory. Next the -- That torture you're gonna regret saying by the way bigger tortured dinner with Donald Trump. Watching an old episode of the benefactor. Donald Trump the question. Should the NBA's is NB 65. Now. Now know went -- Because that we won't make as much money people come to the games to the like should college athletes get it now. How many hours sleep keep it. Best piece of advice -- got to grind worst incident -- every. All your passions. You shouldn't your passion to all your effort if you could be anyone other than Mark Cuban -- -- -- Mark Cuban. -- you know regret the -- -- I had a blast doing it you get oh yes it was great I really enjoyed -- I -- You know there were a lot of things that changed midstream that kind of -- -- the show but. I think is that a great message and you know did do very well and I would I learned a lot from that but yet they got in front per share K yeah exactly -- -- from. -- suffered a few what I realized deep UST. Always -- 808.

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{"id":23427724,"title":"9 Little Known Facts About Mark Cuban","duration":"1:46","description":"Rebecca Jarvis puts Mark Cuban in the hot seat with Real Biz rapid fire questions.","url":"/Business/video/facts-mark-cuban-23427724","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}