How Are Those Insane Milkshakes Made?

NYC's Blacktap has lines out the door for the huge milkshakes they are churning out, see how they are made and meet the owner behind all of the frozen madness.
27:14 | 01/25/16

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Transcript for How Are Those Insane Milkshakes Made?
They're unsure endgame here with my head allotment earlier. Entertainment is the art here yeah. I and that has already. Accumulated here at lax how in New York City. Coming from all the vitriolic and where you taste these notes at. All over me crown on the line they. 83 that are permanently on the and it might have volunteered. I needle out Whitney I understand it's quite hard to. You how. Elsewhere and a quarter all of three of the mainland for the word of not to open and take a look at. There's agree that are permanently on the met him on this we consult the it was only. And Eminem. And he about a cup and we're. Oxen. And then I'm. You went over it really really think it's lolly pop up again. Earl chocolate. And then the cookies stay retired. I'm confident. That we're going too you know. Get a look at how their main. I don't know if they can tell them. It's before the opening pandemonium and setting up their running around it's it's it's craziness there have regularly haven't. Three hour wait until Tuesday then they got really make sure that everything is ready to. I'm the door open. It is just hot. We have art than a quarter wolf I have seen. And we're gonna live. Right Ed going to be. Legal and helping are showing up. Somewhere and it. Give it a look at how these there. So we're didn't want to be. You're shutting up people who aren't just. It was like a big threat is very warm. I. Everybody Glenn. Not McKnight. Certainly analysts. Also act. Some wondered how. There are about it's they maybe aren't oh. Oh. I'm a lucky. And we were here is that last night of the week was very happy hours yeah. So now we keep getting those minority and airports and like hurting I evidently. And you had a lucky. Turn of events because you were supposed to leave right. And signing an arm. That's nothing and get him go out tonight yeah. I mean I don't even the night outside its own him. I think yeah. Then. I did yeah. Suites are pregnant or coming New York. And retrain my friends and speak both economic of the capital at Bryant let you know little. Philip here in the dark Empire State Building that Hillary and I. Her mom brought you guys need to rebrand new friends last night I met up again. And we're. I you guys again Lindsay I'm your knowledge saying and feeling bad I. So here we are getting card free that up. He thought yeah. Very few guys coming up across the lot and. The problem and you don't get in on rim and. To be posted the pictures on. I am Henry. You're listening intently one day thing anyway. I have to learn so he has actually protected pretty quickly to keep you happy yeah. Kind of an overnight. Did you ever yet. If you're making of stateside is that. Yeah that make you. Don't. Oh yeah. You've got to the favorite. We talk about that dream and once viewed individually has personal favorite. Yeah about her. They not the having. Not the month yeah. Niger River then there's off menu snakes and Eaton I don't know it's insurance apparently must. There are not rumors about them and there may. I'm healthy I'm duty. On a hot is. It Eminem. The iron. Those unpaid time. How many of the house this in the fifth and we put a little statement expect to make mobile workstation. When you only have one and left the van. It anyway. Hey Natalie. Right now we got famous London the every yeah. Doesn't actually. I'm stupid. I had an accounting I. It's scary. And the key month over here. Grandmother. Limited that is Altria. We'll you're beginning when you. Interior lake lake. Volunteered do. You hold myself. How many not for him. Remembered as a great. Definitely outselling the handler Aaron. Lying that's. One thing. Come on yeah. Man. There wasn't it wasn't sweet enough that was your day after. Got home. Yeah so you. I was going to be a crazy day. Are there things go. That gave back. Yeah I have right. It's like sacrilegious to be like heading to go lovely. Finishing touches me staying Eminem. Chocolate I would. That's. They bring on. Sandy you first thing going in the case of the. As we look at look like when you like. Yeah big hit for the treatment. Turning mind. Want to get mad at. And then. You learn anything. You guys aren't. Closing hour. Don't let our friends and. He's feeling really down. Great so now I can hear. Children. Not take over and give a McCain. When I'm nervous that study. Yellen do. I mean I think I need a fork and knife. Early that she arts and improve the illegal I got glass of water today it that it. Drink in between yeah. It. You guys are all gonna get all three right. The other two stroke. Today. And then. On yeah. Thank you. Very nervous. Carrying it down. We're not on the front of the cancer and he is already packed every single people. We're gonna. Bring the curtain air. Definitely doesn't. That ten year old me is freaking out. Do you. For the start of the I hear there's yeah. I didn't know his. Right now we have evidence. A red left side. Sam Allen learned tornadoes aren't going well. I'm into that could he have. Returned to throughout. I had tell that they really. A lot of finger. Side. That's amazing. And only got whipped cream. The cookie Knight invited Liz had. God do much just yet. I figured out. Shot and then yeah. And really get over by. A what do I do that cookie from the style. Other they're on they're pretty good but I was scared for them. I'm Graham in I'm grabbing I think. Williams. And panhandling and names and we have the a book about this and I know you're not getting up that. Yeah. Yeah. It the aviary people who don't even by a perfect witness. Your double this thing in the state right now. Particularly if you gotta that if there is due. We want more you know you don't work. Wow man. I'll. Really yeah. Dark hour throwing games are really. Very blue blue lights right next. And I. I kind of would have let your eyes can damage but you've already. Demolished or rightly claimed. I that's good stuff. Yeah didn't start movement. Very. I mean. I'm I don't know what does that I had. An offer that. I think it drop. Yeah. Original 100 may. McClellan I've repeatedly Weirton area it's good balance. The balance. The equivalent of Keylon. Her health is obvious pick up. Yeah. Equipment after. Describe the place. Variously described exactly what miles and. Fabric and being this like. Drivers not completely. The continent he really. So really don't have their hands up. But your mouth tightly together and got it did get there. We'll chocolate clusters of our delicious. The nice mix it actually wasn't scared of there's on the abduction the ex. The rug out this is the Latin that I have yeah Emma and. Exit events yeah. It. Let me interrupting your edit I'm like you figured out what you have in the oil and how they the bottled waters hanging next to wash it down. I the extent of the troops Matt yeah. And I eat drink. Meanwhile before you do this panned around and look after but Valerie. An injury French Fries burgers. Hello I'm. What unlike then they decide to have their lunch before we just aren't being in the military and Smart about it. I'm probably going. Running around some and then you're gonna catch that Venezuela you'll hoping. Yeah we're looking at yeah. I don't eat. Front painlessly. Eminem and then we come clean about not glued to back then we got me Eminem chocolate covered path. If you look around the sugar daddy. And then talk all that we picked cream and chocolate on fassel even what do you attacking her. Yeah. I. Plus. How many get very close in the first anyway I'm just rewarding yeah yeah. Let's take down. Men now. Yeah Google negative okay. Quickly. I think you're better pushing food on human. Yeah well I found my new my new talent. What do you think you're an outlet with a with a little. I'm yeah Halloween. Yeah. Can't you can't stop everything. My. Without any. We'll have. Man. No you don't know Doreen. Outside. They found here now. Find the reality mom who. A man himself I know. Pulmonary nothing found there is Wellington new. Out sermons came only a club. You know we always wanted to do something line. And one day my wife came means that make me content. So I got my sister Britney and we need to find any milk shake to muscular style days. Pretty thick of it took a picture she put it on its. And arrested history banana letter leverage you lose your a couple of like. Policy BC created all these wild man. So it's a team effort here lack you know. Or when they go to oatmeal is big sixers in everybody. Now we started these cheeks about three months ago November and from the moment. He wants them to always had to work for most recently were wrong like all these things on TV shows and big articles and our Michael Moore out. The other day. It was like it was raining it was a deceive umbrellas out there and just two days ago people reading two and a half to three hours. That's a real is not always been kind and he was delicate and conspiracy that lives. I don't know it was a dream come true place. Let me tell him I felt terrible having been service everyone. But they were also nice and also fees. Com and took care services. Not really happy that we take care nothing online meal and one half as avoiding grew up dreaming to London for us. I didn't know you have good value. Growth coffee perfect murder and you know playing the military just kind of goes hand in so I came up with a burger and growth of plaque. Apparently valid and now. Viewers at home yeah. One who aren't holiday yeah that's coming up. So we always do seasonal specialty. Look sixty. Red velvet no secret valentines day we've got Super Bowl milk stay home and now we've got to see he's being nosy. So we always make sure we do those specialties secret that one day and in every once in awhile you know. So you call my here with the super milk. What's actually had helped create yet everything is in the in the plagued her you don't around its. He had I thought we are best friends. Thank you don't think you have nothing to honor him. And I try on the nothing really forget it we're going to. Try to finish in as well. Thank you everybody I'm thinking blacked out they have to look case and aren't. If you are then paying your air come on come currently it. No but you can buy energy. And online and they certainly nothing at Fulham. Come on I'm pat here in coming months fairly game. Me.

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{"id":36507531,"title":"How Are Those Insane Milkshakes Made?","duration":"27:14","description":"NYC's Blacktap has lines out the door for the huge milkshakes they are churning out, see how they are made and meet the owner behind all of the frozen madness.","url":"/Business/video/insane-milkshakes-made-36507531","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}