Stocks down triple digits

ABC News reports on the impact of Trump uncertainty on the markets.
2:15 | 05/17/17

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Transcript for Stocks down triple digits
None of this happens in a vacuum and thinking back to just earlier today. Are calling Rebecca Jarvis is reporting on the markets today in the Dow today clues close to 400 points down. Part of it too due to the uncertainties surrounding the president's answer growing. Uncertainty over the last couple of days she described it as a market on edge and one of the things that come up again and again is that. Any big shift one way or the other. New revelations new breaking news reports the appointment of a special counsel could shift back confidence. Even more. Which I just luck to get your thoughts on how we think some of this might resonate outside of political circles. I don't understand politics enough to be if you notice that the markets but. If your bedding. Financially on the reaction to Donald Trump I think you should be committed to asylum. Anyone who thinks they know where this is going. Given how how not to speak in just the last feeder ninety's. I shouldn't be trusted with my money or anyone else's money so I've whatever happens with with the market's 8880 is it is a tense time in Washington if that tense time in the country we don't know where this is headed and this is a a challenge to the fabric of the government this is. This is not a small matter where this is how the constitution. It operates this is about that the balance of powers the separation of powers the checks and balances all of these things are on the line right now so. To my mind the 401K does this court almost secondary to the stakes of this of this particular episode. Go to your final the flu before we and again. What love live have a Ali. Tell us the markets don't like uncertainty in this this this whole seven events is certainly a produces a sense of uncertainty here. And also. That is a big hope among a lot of people with money that the Republicans would bring in a period of little regulation and low taxes and now they're worried that might not happen as the presidents. It's the president's hour recess appointment. Cokie Roberts for Klein thank you so much for your time. To be with thanks on the thanks solid he was well you can always go to And there is the latest news happening right now on world news tonight we back here with more hi mom and.

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{"id":47476415,"title":"Stocks down triple digits ","duration":"2:15","description":"ABC News reports on the impact of Trump uncertainty on the markets.","url":"/Business/video/stocks-triple-digits-47476415","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}