Thanksgiving Shopping Craze

Will you really save if you buy on Black Friday? Mark Ellwood explains how to get the best bargains.
3:00 | 11/25/13

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Transcript for Thanksgiving Shopping Craze
Friday -- started this weekend I saw some of them might may have participated in some of them. And forget Turkey this Thanksgiving it's all about shopping something now being called. Great Thursday yes grade Thursday the man who coined that term is with us he's mark -- what. And he is author of the book bargain -- how to shop -- a discounted world mark. So nice to see else I was actually I was wondering about this like we have Black Friday but you say Thursday sales Thanksgiving Thursday that's -- Think that we I don't know what could take credit recorded its -- but all cult like the army at orange Wednesday. Basically have to think what you don't -- right. If you think about it two years ago it was a phenomena and when stores were opening at 1201 on on Black Friday this extraordinary black midnight. Two years late Patton now Kmart is living at 6 AM on Thursday it's accelerating so far I don't -- since -- -- does its -- candidates. Why is it keep Alex I think if you look actually this is very interesting way essentially sales amount or lose the new home retailers like I've looked in my book -- -- we talk about how between forty and 45% of products sold in America round you around. Also promotion and that number is ticking off. But isn't kind of a problem I think when you think about the psychology of the consumer I will not buy something unless it's on sale and I need a big sale to buy it because I know they're coming. So that is exactly -- problems account of the recent assault that. They have been -- a lot of recent cases of retailers getting cold now. -- the prices up a little so that they can that they start -- they can discount more so when is. The bargain of the century when you get it. But I need it now occurred but -- up -- up. -- -- the but I don't think I didn't Black Friday as the date for the ball game of the century January off to Christmas that's when I would do on everything -- -- If everything everything so buy for next year if you're buying for others but for next year -- -- have. It gets an -- items perhaps -- next year I think -- I think you use you as Black Friday -- there -- -- -- -- simpler deals but the issue with Black Friday is so much of the inventory is boards and specially. To be sold cheaply so it's not -- a -- Like the price was reduced. It was always meant to be sold cheaply so absolutely. That's a good point now when we went shopping. You and me and one of my favorite experiences because not only -- the prices reduced but -- -- about the reduced more by negotiating. You can always negotiate you can go to sales block an economics and -- polite and smiling you say hey this -- so -- I love this. Expensive -- what would be on the price they're gonna take time off at least. Perfect time to trend that is Black Friday morning at the -- to -- really in that line. You're literally getting a lot you meet the crazed counter and say I'll excuse me I get some more money half of them -- I -- have on Black Friday because I wouldn't want everyone around me punching me I would. I would I would definitely make -- -- a check fusion definitely warrior football helmet on your -- I don't -- -- But I think you can -- that weekend one Saturday rolls around totally -- -- you didn't find out why exactly and I like your advice to me also about online shopping is that there is a way to haggle online. What I like it's something called cult abandonment -- -- what you're doing if you're making the system work for you put something you do something called close the windows and not -- sailors and tracks I can't believe I lost a customer so it will send you remind that you know that you lost left something behind. And -- that reminder and although use would be some kind of problem. A -- I happen to get more opt for a free shipping or whatever it is something summit to close the sale so make that work for you they -- doing it because that happens -- today people abandoned. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Exceptionally well its -- line. Wal-Mart has changed the way it does business before it's -- passes -- integrates important -- and digital we equals an endless -- That's the way forward so why did I lose to stall for actually doing the thing that everyone should be doing. I don't know that the person that they're replacing him when he's international. And he's young and there really focusing on the international market where business is much stronger than the US market. Exactly and I follow any business -- be focusing on China because in China there are lots of studies that show the Chinese consumers index. As willing to pay more equality then let's -- driven and we all these days so you'll margins are going to be much better you -- make China look. -- -- -- Thanks from the Barton caught the attention have -- back to -- okay hagel I need another 10% up our Alley.

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{"id":21006887,"title":"Thanksgiving Shopping Craze","duration":"3:00","description":"Will you really save if you buy on Black Friday? Mark Ellwood explains how to get the best bargains.","url":"/Business/video/thanksgiving-shopping-craze-21006887","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}