Tipping Banned at NYC Sushi Restaurant

Sushi Yasuda is instead providing its salaried servers with paid vacation and sick leave.
1:00 | 06/10/13

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Transcript for Tipping Banned at NYC Sushi Restaurant
Sushi restaurant in New York it's called sushi guess who that's one of the most acclaimed Japanese sushi restaurants in now Manhattan and death is trying something pretty revolutionary that -- it caught on -- -- -- a lot of people feel about this. But essentially you're not allowed to tip you keep getting into if you want to they have a policy we can't tip it just started -- -- following custom in -- They -- fully compensated this from the owner of in their salaries so therefore the gratuities are not accepted in the restaurant apparently makes up for the loss -- to the servers with a higher hourly wage. And it subsidizes the menu prices in other words they charge a little more the menu items but you don't have to tip. A lot of waiters and waitresses who pay their bills on this I'm sure they don't wanna see this work and -- this could threaten their career but would you would you rather not paid attention. Pay a little more on the menu -- on the one -- you know what you're getting every week which can be nice but on the other hand you may not get as much and you're expected to declare at all anyway but couldn't believe they like to be a little hazy -- -- yeah. You know so we'll see what happens -- we'll see that catches --

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{"id":19366570,"title":"Tipping Banned at NYC Sushi Restaurant","duration":"1:00","description":"Sushi Yasuda is instead providing its salaried servers with paid vacation and sick leave.","url":"/Business/video/tipping-banned-nyc-sushi-restaurant-19366570","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}