Wayne Newton Wins Restraining Order Against Landlord, Stalling His Museum


Hundreds of tons of horse manure, it says, had accumulated on the property, towering in piles so high they rose half way up the 12-foot walls surrounding the property. Indoors, horses' stalls "were saturated in a sea of standing urine emitting a stench so potent hat it made breathing unbearable."

Penguin ponds "were disgustingly dirty, full of algae," with birds sick or dying. The wallabies weren't too happy either, forced to inhabit "a small, dung-filled dog kennel-like structure."

In a statement, Newton and his wife counter by asking how Casa de Shenandoah could possibly have been in such deplorable repair if it was used in 2009 as the setting for the season finale of the TV show "The Amazing Race." In 2008, they say, it was named one of the top five homes in the U.S.

As for the accusation that Newton abused animals, their statement says: "Wayne Newton has been named the top breeder of Arabian Horses in the world and has received accolade after accolade for his Arabian Horse Herd." Rulers of foreign countries, they say, have purchased horses from the Casa de Shenandoah herd.

Finally, say the Newtons, the charge of sexual harassment is "completely fabricated," and has no basis in fact. They say to date no complaint has been filed by the former employee.

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