How Young Working Women Really Feel About Working Moms


On their own, working moms can take initiative to mentor younger employees.

"Mentoring younger people in their careers goes a long way toward giving back and making them aligned with your own interests and needs," Evans said.

And it's important to understand their interests and needs too -- in other words, don't be like Florida doctor M.'s co-worker and callously dismiss her love of her pets.

"Have empathy, ask them what their flex needs are ... that makes her feel like you're on an equal level," Evans said.

Last but not least, express gratitude to those who do help you out of a tight spot.

Valerie, the Pennsylvania medical supply assistant, said she's picked up extra work when her colleague has had to take her daughter for doctor's appointments -- and she was fine with that because of how her colleague treats her.

"She always thanks me, and she always apologizes," Valerie said. "She's a really sweet woman, so I don't mind so much."

Valerie said that sometimes the situation is reversed, and that working moms in her office cover for her when she has to miss work.

"I think I got really lucky with the group of women that I work with," she said. 'We all try to help each other out."

What do working moms want you to know? Check out one mom's take at and also learn 10 things you should never say to a working mom.

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